Dollar Buy Sell In Bangladesh for Freelancing and Outsourcing Work

Dollar buy sell is not allowed in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh bank says “Foreign currency can be purchased or sold only through dealers or money changers authorized by Bangladesh Bank. So dollar buy sell by a person is illegal and punishable crime.

But as a poor freelancer and outsourcer its quite impossible to buy sell dollar through Dealer and Money exchanges authorized by Bangladesh Bank.

If you earn 1$ you can’t exchange it through Bank. Bank don’t allow low amount and requires high fees.

So we the leaders help mini workers to work and get paid by us. We collect both of our payments then cash them out through Bangldeshi Bank Accounts at a time.

That means we are not doing any illegal or punishable crime. As we ultimately sell dollars to the bank.

People who work with us can send us your payments then we will cash them out through Bank and Give your payment.

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Dollar Buy – Sell

Dollar Buy Sell In Bangladesh


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