How to make money from Clixsense

You can earn from Clixsense by:

  1. Tasks

Tasks are easy and fast way to multiply your earning from clixsense. There are mini jobs available to complete on ClixSense. Generally, these includes tasks like (Google search, phone number search, categorize online deals, find URLs, address etc.). You will be provided detailed instructions on how to complete these tasks and you will be in training mode until you answer correct answers. Your earnings from tasks will be credited to your main balance instantly. They are updated frequently so don’t miss them.
Earning from tasks range from $0.03 – $0.17.

The top worker for each week will earn a $50 Bonus. This is a weekly contest that runs from Monday to Sunday.

    2. Offers

You can also complete offers, surveys, etc to earn more from this site. Offers generally include daily surveys, downloads etc.Earnings from offers range from $0.50 to 5$.

    3. Affiliate program

Refer your friends and multiply your earnings.
Clixsense has the most lucrative affiliate program.

Referrals are those who sign-up under your referral link.

You will get referral commission whenever you referral
a) complete tasks, ( 10%)
b) complete offers, ( 10%)
c) upgrades ($2 per each referral upgrade)

But it depends on your membership. Premium members benefit more commission than standard members.

Standard member and Premium members.

Standard members are free members. You don’t have to pay a single cent to join clixsense nor when withdrawing your earnings to paypal or payza. But you can upgrade to premium for just 17$ a year. ( Note : Its very less compared to other ptc programs where you have to pay about 100$) Premium members get more benefit that standard members and their earning is also more than standard members.

There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like:

  • Referral signup commissions ($0.50 per referral )
  • 8-Tier Affiliate Program *
  • 10% commission for referral tasks and offers ( 5% for standard members)


ClixSense pays the money via

  • Payoneer
  • Paytoo
  • Skrill
  • Payza

The minimum payout is $8 for Standard Members and $6 for Premium members. When you reach the payout minimum, you can request cashout.Payments are issued every Monday.

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