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Hello,  Mytrafficvalue  successfully running their casino site playperfectmoneygames this site work only with Perfect Money,

No need to register!
Just make deposit minimum 1$ and u are in
Deposit and withdraws are instant!
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Play Perfect Money Games


No registration required!

Play your favorite casino games without the need to register – simply make a deposit from your Perfect Money account and you are ready to play!

Click Here then follow screenshots

Deposit, play and cashout instantly

Not only do we offer instant deposits and no hassle with registration we understand that quick cashouts are important to you – Instant cashouts are our forte (paid every 5 minutes)!

Earn by referring friends

Refer friends and you will earn commissions on all of their wages. Every game pays a commission – see the full list here. Referral commissions are added to your account hourly

Proven fair gaming

For every game we show the next result encrypted via the MD5 hash algorithm. Don’t take our word for it, play and confirm the fairness of our games yourself!

Some information about playperfectmoneygames

As the PPMG concept is a bit experimental we will be doing some updates/improvements to the concept in the following weeks. Currently a few of the main issues are:

1) You create an account by making a deposit, and are logged into your account automatically and for as long as you don’t logout on this device. If you want to log into your account from another computer/after logging out you have to make a deposit again to be logged back in.

*Note: these are not yet implemented.
This can be a bit awkward for some users, so we’ll likely look into the following options to be able to login to your account without the need of making a deposit, while still maintaining the simplicity of the concept:
– After the first deposit, you can login by making a micro transaction of $0.01
– By making a support ticket, and proving you are the PM account owner (via a screenshot/transaction details), you will be given a one-time login link

2) Users just wishing to use the referral program currently need to first make a deposit to make use of it & to get a referral link. We will likely create another type of “affiliate accounts” as a way around this, which won’t require deposits to login.

3) Currently users can’t see who is their to-be sponsor, so we’ll likely add a “sponsor input checkbox” on the add funds page.

4) Other misc improvements to the UX, such as play link, “how to” page, FAQ page, and game rules/guides

5) If you log out currently the only way of logging back in is by making another deposit (whatever size) from the same PM account. This way all account security etc. is handled by PM and not us. But as I mentioned in the above posts we’ll be adding some other ways for this, to make the process more comfortable for the users.

And here is the link to site : Click Here

If u got question ask will help with i can.

Play Perfect Money Games

Don’t receive Bonus! If you click on Bonus button before registraion you must complete their condition. When you deposit and play but log out from site next time when you want to log in you need to make new deposit this rule is from Perfect Money not from site staff, they think how to fix that, this is for secure reason but is bad for now.

Happy earnings to all


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