Double Youtube Income, No pin verification, 1$ Min Payment

YouTube Partnership Program (YTPP)

If you are looking to get into a YouTube Network that is serious about working with their partners, then you are in the right place. Scalelab is team of people who have been working on YouTube and other media industries for quite some time. They can offer multiple great opportunities, benefits and tools for you to become the next big thing on YouTube.


  • 4.000 Views in last 30 days or High Quality Content
  • No Copyrighted Content or Strikes
  • At least 4 videos on the channel
  • Fan Funding disabled (You can enable it again after it becomes globally available)
  • You should public Subscriber Count
  • Your channel should have Home, Videos, Playlist, About layout enabled
  • Your must link your social links like facebook, twitter

Partner Benefits

  • 80% Revenue Share
  • No-Lock in contract (Meaning you can leave the network with 30 day notice)
  • Free Access to Epoxy
  • Free Subscription to Tubebuddy (Star Tier)
  • Free Access to Audio Micro & Epidemic Sound libraries filled with royalty free Music
  • Premium Access to Spreadshirt make your own t-shirts and other apparel!


Pin Verification:

  • No pin verification required.



  • Automatic Payment 1st day of every month
  • Payments in PayPal, Payoneer MasterCard, Western Union, Direct Deposit (US) & Check
  • Payment Threshold only 1$ for PayPal, Webmoney & Qiwi Wallet
  • Referral Program (10% comission) that can earn you extra income!
  • Amazing Dashboard With Detailed Statistics & Tools to help you!


Channel Support:

  • 24 hour Instant full support
  • Youtube Verification support
  • Brisbane SEO services, Analytics support for Boosting More income

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Note: After 30 days you are able to leave the network and join other network or go back to Adsense.


Google Adsense vs YouTube MCN

MCN = Multi Channel Network

I often stumble around discussion or questions regarding should you partner yourself with a YouTube Network (MCN) or go directly with Google Adsense.  I will be comparing benefits of each other to give people better understanding how everything works with Youtube networks and Google Adsense.

First i’m going to mainly compare the different features that each one have, however since multiple networks offer different things i won’t be diving too much in certain specifics like sponsorship for instance that some MCN’s may offer.

See differentiation on The images below…..









Account Access & Benefits

  •  Verified Status – Some networks are able to give verified status to their channels, Adsense doesn’t help you out in this way at all.
  •  Managed Status – There are multiple networks (practically all) that offer managed status for their channels, in nutshell what it means that you can’t get 3rd party claims for your channel and you can monetize everything. Usually there is higher requirements to get managed status on networks, so its totally not easy to reach.
  • Content ID Claims – Adsense and Networks offer the same rights to appeal claims that you might have gotten for your videos, however networks might be able to solve problems faster for you in some cases.

I hope you better understand

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